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Level 3 Security Shredding in Kent

Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen and identity fraud is when those details are used to commit fraud.

[see also document storage services]

We offer a Security Shredding Service for confidential documents, which are securely shredded to security level 3

Personal information  may include names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details, these can be found on Utility Bills, Bank statements, Cheque book stubs, credit card slips, Credit card statements, Wage slips, Old credit card paperwork, and back up CD’s.

At Castles we offer a secure security shredding service for sensitive and confidential documentation. You can simply call into the office, collect one of our special secure shredding sacks with a numbered seal, pay your £7 and take it away.

Take as long as you like to fill the bag with your paperwork/documents/CD backups to a maximum weight of 17kg and seal it yourself.

Return the sack to us during normal office hours, and then we will guarantee to shred the contents in our industrial shredder and issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records, if required.

The shredder feeds the shredded paperwork directly into our own baler, which compresses the paper with a force of 52 tonne. It produces a mill size bale (H 1.1 x W 0.75 x L 1.45 cm) which is then sent to the paper mills to be recycled into other paper products, so providing a closed loop recycling solution.

If you are unable to collect the bags during the normal working day, we are able at an extra cost, of £1 per bag, post out the bags to you for filling. We are able to offer a collection service of the filled bags, price quoted depending on collection address.

On Site Shredding
We shred all the paperwork shredding at our facility in Deal, and they are not moved to different location. You can arrange to watch us shred your documents this option has to be pre-booked, due to staff availability.

One-off clear-out
Commercial clients might require the removal and secure document destruction of a large one-off quantity of sensitive documents, maybe a business year end, payroll paperwork, we can help. We can arrange to collect, destroy and recycle any volume of paperwork at very affordable rates. Simply call to discuss your requirements.

Cabinets & Bins
At the moment Castles Security Shredding Service do not offer cabinet or secure wheelie bins on site for customer to place sensitive paperwork/documents/files in before Castles collect the paperwork for offsite security shredding.

We are currently looking into this service, so if you are interested in having a secure cabinet or wheelie bin, with either a weekly, fortnightly, monthly collection, then please phone 01304 373251 or email shredding@castlesremovals.co.uk for more information

BS EN 15713
Castles Security Shredding Service is working to obtain British Standard EN 15713 for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material.

Please have a look at our testimonial page to see what some of our satisfied customers have said about our security shredding service.

Security shredding information

Please contact us for further information on this service. email us or call
0845 071 2351

All the confidential waste is destroyed to a high security level. The means the paper is shredded to particle standard (5.80 x 50) which complies to the DIN 3257-1 standard security level 3. Once the paper is shredded, it will be bailed on site and then sent to the paper mills in north Kent to be turned into a piece of paper again.

Business Customers
Almost every business, small or large generates lots of documents and company archives containing sensitive, confidential information. A company has a duty of care to look after the information while they are holding it and then a duty of care in the way it disposes of the information.

The destruction of this information can become necessary for any number of reasons, after several years. For business we can arrange the collection of a larger number of document cartons, crates or security bags if required, this can either be a one off or on a regular basis, please contact us for more information.